What is Starting Your Photography Journey Collection?
This collection is a cost saving bundle that has the photography basics you'll need to get up to speed taking good photographs.  You will be taught how to choose your first camera, how to get the correct settings, how to control your camera to capture the photos you envisioned, and how to compose your photos better.

How is COLLECTION different from normal E-Learning Courses?
COLLECTIONS are a compendium of E-Learning Courses designed to provide photographers with a complete guide in the chosen aspect of photography.  In this bundled, we hand picked the best Courses Options for you on your areas of interest where there is a wish to enhance your skills further. 

This Starting Your Photography Journey Collection is suitable for new subscribers who just started photography and are keen to learn & build up skills to take nicer photos.  

Collection Promo : USD35 (Normal Price : USD70)


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