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We make learning open & available to all regardless where you are, through the world!

Beyond Photography Education Foundation's main goal is to provide Free or Sponsored education programs to talented persons who lack the means to enrol in paid education programs. This program is now bringing education to every part of the world, so that the disadvantaged can get the much needed knowledge, certifications and future career opportunities.

Beyond Photography Education Foundation

This foundation aims for a borderless and free education

Quality education for talented students deprived of good systematic and open learning. Getting Certified as a Creative Professional, Photographer and Videographer is now within the reach of everyone, FREE!.




We offer Professional Certification Courses under this foundation, they are:




Online Pro Certification For Photography

The Online Pro Certification For Photography helps you get job-ready in the field of photography in the shortest possible time. This program is designed with the idea that a professional program should be effective; covering vital modules while being not lengthy in duration and readies the students to a level of professionalism that is coherent with the commercial world of photography and advertising.
- 100% Online Professional Program
- Program divided into 3 Levels
- 3 Levels of Competency Evaluation
- 4 Assignments & 1 Final Project in this program
- 4 Certificates upon passing evaluations




Online Pro Certification For Videography

Working in close collaboration with Hollyland, we at Beyond Photography have developed an all new, fully fledged syllabus to guide potential students into the world of videography. E-Learning Videography is part of our ONLINE PRO CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. It constitutes a part of the whole Video Pro Cert Program that will be launched in the near future. Students will be able to obtain a professional certificate upon completion of the whole program including the following courses:
- E-Learning Videography
- E-Learning Video Productions
- Video Editing




Online Pro Certification For Advertising

The Online Pro Certification For Advertising helps you get job-ready in the field of advertising in the shortest possible time.
- Coming Soon



Let's Bring Creative Education

to every part of the world!

Beyond Photography started this foundation to give every one of every age the chance to get education without being tied to classroom and financial burden. We want to be free of ethnicity and policy burdens that keep students from getting education. Foundation is also formed to help people that lose career during the pandemic.



- Aged between 15 to 60 years old.
- Possess basic communication skills in English.
- Equip with basic smartphone or tablet or desktop.
- Access to the internet for online materials.
- Equip with basic photography equipment.


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