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Effective Syllabuses

Carefully designed syllabuses, offering you a choice of over 100 courses. Beginner-To-Pro, you're guaranteed to find something to suit your interest and skill level. Our courses are suitable for individuals & also corporates.



Brand Independent

Regardless of the camera brands that you own, our courses cover a wide range of photography. Each camera brand has some quirks, they all make great camera systems, from Smartphones to Mirrorless cameras, we teach you the best!



Over 300,000 Students

More than 25 years of experience, being a leading Advertising, Photography & Video-Making Academy based in KL, Malaysia, our courses have been attended by close to half a million of students worldwide.

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Over the past 25 years, we have focused our attention on 3 market segments:


We are the global leader in teaching photography, videography & social media advertising to creative individuals all over the world, catering to individuals who desire to improve on the knowledge of taking better photos, telling better stories through videos and reaching out to prospective customers and followers on social media.
Our most popular courses:  
• Smartphone Photography
• Smartphone Videography
• Photo editing & retouching



We have taught many major global brands photography, videography and advertising; from banks to telcos. Our syllabuses have provided substantial knowlege wealth to companies such as PETRONAS, FedEx, DHL & many more.

Our most popular courses:  
• Smartphone Photography
• Smartphone Videography
• Photo editing & retouching
• Video editing using Adobe Premiere
• Video editing using Capcut


We are effective in teaching online with on-demand contents!

Our most popular courses:   
• All Access Subscription
• Premium Courses Subscription
• Photography & Videography genre specific courses
• Online Pro Certification programs

 Our  channel has proves our teachings are fun, straight-forward & effective. Explore our comprehensive E-Learning program which you can subscribe to & learn whenever wherever. Sign up now & Enjoy!
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Registered E-Learning Students Worldwide:



Learn photography at your own pace

Well-developed video-based e-learnings, including discussions with fellow members and trainers online.

- Full-HD lesson videos
- Online Progress tracking
- Assignments
- Participant's Digital Lesson-Notes
- Online Discussion group
- Course Photo Gallery
- Trainers' Comments & Assesses
- 2-year unlimited any-device access

Our YouTube channel has proven for many years that our method of teaching photography is fun and effective. Thanks to all our subscribers there, we have now a very comprehensive E-Learning program which you can subscribe to and explore the knowledge whenever and wherever. Sign up now and enjoy some FREE e-learning lessons.

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Nothing makes photography more fun or rewarding than photographing what interests you, check these newly added courses.




We're excited to announce the launch an all NEW SERIES of E-Learning courses solely dedicated to Videography, Audio & Video Editing.
This all new E-Learning Videography course is proudly sponsored by HOLLYLAND. 
HOLLYLAND - An international company specializing in producing quality wireless filming, video & audio products. Subscribe now and enjoy this Sponsored Course for only USD4.99! (Usual price: USD49)




The MOST POPULAR & AFFORDABLE Photography E-Learning course got a lot more affordable with our USD99 per year! 

Whether you're a beginner interested in exploring digital photography or you're an experienced photographer ready to learn new techniques, you can take your photos to the next level with these online video lessons.

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Price: USD99 Per Year


Our lessons are featured in:


















What subscribers from all around the world say about us.

As always a pleasure to see your tutorials. Congratulations for transmitting so much knowledge. In addition to mastering the art of photography magnificently, you are an excellent communicator. Greetings from Spain.

- Angel, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

Fantastic allways learn more from your lessons in 10 minutes than some others that take 10 minutes introduction the waffle on for an hour . Thank you simple straight to the point.

- Colin Morris, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

I just discovered them this month and I wish I knew them earlier but anyhow I'm still grateful because I learned a lot from their Youtube channel Beyond Photography and on their website from E-learnings :) thank you again to the team and to the great teacher Andrew Boey :) !! We , you're followers are looking forward for more learning. Keep up the good work!!

- Joan Francisco Prestoza, Google Review

One of the best E-learning course you can get for your value! Video contents are straight on point and easy to understand hence makes the learning experience fun. Now I can brush up my skill for being better when doing my shots especially with flash where I got Zero knowledge on it. Thanks Andrew, Michelle and the team for the effort in providing valuable contents!

- Alex Tan, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

I stumbled across Beyond Photography Academy when I was searching for photography short courses for me to start up my photography business a few years back. I went through their videos online during my evaluation process before deciding to sign up for some selected courses. I find their method of teaching very easy to understand and direct to the point. The most important factor is that the courses are VERY reasonably priced and really affordable. At least one which I could afford. After going through the learning process at the academy, I since had the confidence to start my own photography business. I will continue to subscribe & watch their videos online to improve myself. Thank you for the guidance. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to enhance his/her photography skill.

- Muhd Ikmal Mohamed, Google Review

Let me begin saying that I knew the Beyond Photography Academy as a result of watching the so very helpful YouTube videos like 3 or 4 years ago. That made want more and more and every time Andrew ended inviting us to the Academy on those videos the idea of subscribing ended up as a necessity to keep learning from the one I consider my best photography teacher till this day. Almost 2 years ago I purchased my first course: Flash Photography Indoor, it elevated my game at events, made me gain clients and retain them, so long story short I'm now a proud member of 5 E-Learning Courses and I just want you to know that I think you are a great team, I'm pretty sure this is not a one man band but I believe the orchestra director is as good as his hole musicians and vice versa. Thanks again so much for all the knowledge you manage to spread among all of the ones who know you and I wish you all the best during lock down. Saludos desde Mexico :D

- Jose Luis Musi, Google Review

I've never considered to do portrait photography as I thought it was too complicated. Your videos have encouraged me to setup a small studio in my apartment to apply everything I've learned from you.

- Akira Kimura, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

It's amazing how many different tutorials I've watched, but yours just seem to click with me! Thank you for your easy to understand explanations on everything photography! Would love to attend your classes one day.

- Tony Deacon, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

I had my first photography course with Beyond Photography Academy. Trainer Andrew is very experienced and knowledgeable in this field. You will not get bored learning from him as he is good at making his class creative and interactive. He is also very kind in helping me to find out the problem with my DSLR, and continued to guide me through using my mirrorless camera. Thank you so much.

- Yee Chuin Yap, Google Review

I've said it many times, and I'll say it again - Andrew Boey is the best photography trainer I've ever seen. I'm always learning something new from him that nobody else talks about. How many times can we hear the same old 'exposure triangle' or 'inverse square law'? Andrew always takes it a step further and adds some new concept that we won't find anywhere else. I like photography and I like learning. The E-learning courses are easy-to-understand and cover a wide variety of subjects. And the models are not ugly at all. $1.11? Awesome!

- Miley onDisney, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

I've subscribed to their videos. Great videos and they constantly update their video courses. Best academy site I've watched.

- Roshan Mathews, Google Review

I breath your lessons!! You are one of my most favorite Tube teachers and you have taught me so much that I have confidently updated to a 5d mark iii and believe I will make the best out of it. Wishing you all the best Andrew!

- Anna N, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

Hello. Andrew and team you are up loading new vedio more frequently that is marvellous work by your team ? hats off for this skills improving tutorial. you have made this photography an art. I like your aesthetic style. stay blessed

- Haider Husain, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

You have such a clear way of describing things to make them simple and in reach of anybody. I watch a lot of tutorials and most are mind boggling in their complication. Knowing how to educate others is a valuable skill of its own. I will be sure to review the list of paid tutorials.

- Charlie Ross, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

Teaching and learning with fun. I like the way. You teaches very well which make us to understand quickly.

- Mateng JD, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

Thanks ton for a simple and brilliant idea. I love doing macro, Will try it out soon. And as always you teach in such simple yet interesting way.

- Devendra Nagpal, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

This is great for manual mode exposure and it works too, I would recommend this for anyone.

- Ronald Farrar, E-Learning Subscriber

Thank you for the interesting lesson with amazing photos examples. By your short videos we can save lot of listening hours and use them in practice..

- Rajendra Rasaily, E-Learning Subscriber

This class was exactly what I was hoping for. It gave me a basic overview of how to use my camera settings and also how to take a more professional looking photo. Andrew and Michele were very welcoming and created a positive learning experience. Class size was small and we were able to get the one-on-one attention needed. I would definitely recommend this class!

- Denise Warne, Google Review

Learn a lot from Andrew. from zero until having such knowledge in photographs. It has been a year since I joined the Beyond Photos website, starting from watching for free on youtube, join the e-learning and take an online pro cert course. Currently, I join several international photo contests and having the confidence to post my works on my social media.

- ndra ndro, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

I am from nigeria and i have been into photography over 8yrs now,but what i have learnt from you in these past 24hrs has changed everything.

- odiete ejiro, YouTube 'Beyond Photography'

We thank you for great lessons we learnt from you in this year .it was been a best year for me from your tutorials in you tube...l blve that 2021 will be an amazing year again.

- Lesley Mudimu, 'Facebook Beyond Photography'

I am a louisiana resident and subscriber, your channel has motivated me in so many ways especially during the time for some reason i thought about giving up on creating content so please keep going i look forward to purchasing your program!

- Nicholas Menina, By Email

Thank you so much, Andrew! I have an upcoming skin care product shoot with a semi-nude model and I came to this lesson as a good way to prepare for the event.

- Ellen Ripley, E-Learning Subscriber


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