What is Perfectly Exposed Sharp Photos Collection?
This collection is a cost saving bundle that has all the information you'll need to handle your camera well and take sharp, perfectly exposed photos. You will be taught how to properly hold your camera and the settings you'll need to obtain sharp photos. Additionally, you'll learn the camera exposure settings and how to capture perfectly lit photos under any circumstances. Lastly, you'll learn how to accurately analyse a photo based on the Histogram, and use it to craft your own style of photography.

How is COLLECTION different from normal E-Learning Courses?
COLLECTIONS are a compendium of E-Learning Courses designed to provide photographers with a complete guide in the chosen aspect of photography.  In this bundled, we hand picked the best Courses Options for you on your areas of interest where there is a wish to enhance your skills further. 

This Perfectly Exposed Sharp Photos Collection is suitable for new & old subscribers who wish to deepen their understanding of camera handling and photo exposures and ultimately take nicer photos.  

Collection Promo : USD30 (Normal Price : USD33)


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